New Building – Lobbying

For several years the P&C have been working with the School to plan, and raise funds for, a new building. The building would go on the existing tennis court. Currently the plan is for a multi-purpose space that can be opened up to be used at recess and lunch and then used for a classroom or activity space at other times. Ideally, there would be a second floor with new classrooms..

To make this happen requires the support and funding of the State Government. It is simply not possible for the parent body to do more than contribute to the cost. To date that support has been disappointingly absent.

We now need to lobby the government to include funding for Mosman High in the 2018 mid-year plan. Parent support can make this happen. Below is the text of a letter the P&C has sent to the Department of Education and our local members asking for support. Individual parents sending letters on the same theme would make a substantial difference (or if you don’t have time to write send them an email or a line on Facebook).

The people to contact are:

Ms Felicity Wilson MP
Member for North Shore
Suite 3, 40 Yeo St
Neutral Bay NSW 2089

[email protected]

Mr Rob Stokes MP
Minister for Education
GPO Box 5341

[email protected]

Mr Mark Scott AO
Secretary NSW Department of Education
GPO Box 33

Ms Sharon Sands
Director, Public Schools NSW
Level 2 75 Talavera Road
Macquarie Park. NSW 2113

This is the gist of the letter the P&C has sent:


I am writing to you seeking your support for funding for a new building for Mosman High School.

Mosman High enrolments have continued to grow while the space to accommodate those students has not expanded. This is in spite of creative use of every available space by the school with the assistance of the parent body.

However, we are now at a point where we are simply over capacity. Many of the specialist spaces (labs, music rooms, etc) are being used as normal classrooms: although many of these were funded by the parent body as specialist spaces. Electives are being limited solely because there are not enough classrooms to put the classes in. Other classes are being held in rented offsite spaces, or converted storerooms.

To add to the frustration, the use of storage rooms and art spaces as regular classrooms means the P&C is having to spend money earmarked for a new building on overhead projectors and the like so that these spaces can be used to teach Maths and English.

This is clearly an unacceptable and unsustainable situation.

For the last few years the parent body has been raising funds in the hope of using them as a contribution to a new building on the school’s existing tennis court. We have, sadly, been repeatedly disappointed as the School fails to appear on the lists of planned buildings.

Our current plan is for a single storey, multi-purpose building. Of course a better outcome would see a second storey with additional classrooms.

We ask that the government recognise the dire need for additional facilities and place the School on the building priority list. The Government simply cannot continue to place our students and staff in such an unsustainable position.

We have been informed that the list of building priorities will be reviewed in the middle of this year and ask that you lend your support to having a new building for Mosman High included on that list.