President’s Report 2014

Mosman High School P&C Annual General Meeting March 2015
President’s Report: Tina Jackson

Throughout 2014 Mosman High P&C continued to play an important role in the success of the School including funding a range of resources to support student learning, though its network of thriving P&C committees, and by providing policy input and participating in consultative committees. The P&C launched a new website, streamlined its communication channels and organised an informative and widely attended talks program to complement its regular monthly meetings.

Highlights of 2014 
Enhancing student learning and wellbeing

Parent contributions were invested in the School to enhance student learning and wellbeing. The P&C funded a part-time School Counsellor; much needed resources such as interactive whiteboards, a laser cutter for TAS, a specialised ladder for Performing Arts, a data projector and upgraded PA system; the refurbishment of the school canteen; new bubblers and water filling stations; and innovative classroom furniture to trial new learning approaches.

Supporting the school through the P&C committees

As well as financial contributions, Mosman High parents gave generously of their time through the various P&C committees.

The P&C Music Committee had another busy year supporting the Music Department by facilitating private music lessons and music workshops with leading musicians. Fundraising activities supported the upgrade of the music storeroom, new instruments, the purchase sheet music and equipment for the musical programs, and a tour to Port Macquarie.

The P&C Drama Committee continued to expand and in 2014 supported a number of drama nights rewarding student achievement. The highlight was the student film festival, Mosfest, showcasing nineteen student short films.

The P&C Sports Committee organised a number of activities including the ‘Sports Market’ for Year 7. They supported the school carnivals and encouraged the expansion of talented sports programs to include tennis and table tennis, as well as basketball, futsal and dance.

The P&C Technology and Science Committee provided advice on technology matters and ran extra-curricular programming and robotics classes for students. During the year the committee expanded its activities to include the provision of support for the Science faculty.

The P&C Environment Committee worked with the Principal to update the School Environment Management Plan and supported the school ‘Enviro Week’ and student environmental initiatives.

Two new P&C committees were established in 2014; the Art Committee which coordinated a book of Year 12 HSC art works for each HSC art student, and the Wellbeing Committee which organised a number very successful presentations including Professor Jenny Hudson on understanding anxiety in our children and how parents can help, and Dr Andrew Campbell who gave a number of talks on healthy technology habits focusing on social media and gaming.

P&C Talks

A highlight of this year’s P&C meetings was our regular talks program attended by hundreds of parents. At exam time Deputy Principal Colette Longley gave a timely talk on study skills and supporting students. This was a fitting culmination to a year of informative presentations including Rodney Green, Head English Teacher, on the new Australian curriculum and English at Mosman High; Linda Hodgson, Head Science Teacher, discussing the new Australian Science curriculum and Science at MHS; and Head Mathematics Teacher, Bea Mears, talking about the Mathematics curriculum and new directions in Mathematics pedagogy.


To ensure parents knew about talks, events and activities at the school, the P&C sent regular updates and email reminders via its Parent Information Network (PIN). The P&C launched a new website and expanded the information available on the site, including news, calendar of events, and a range of helpful wellbeing resources. The number of parents subscribing to the website grew steadily throughout the year.

Policy input and consultation

The P&C provided input into school policy issues through various working groups; supported Parent Teacher forums; and participated in staff selection committees. MHS hosted a meeting of the Northern Sydney District P&Cs to discuss broader educational issues and how P&Cs can work together. We continued to be active in the Northern District P&C group and participated in Mosman Council consultative committees on behalf of the parent body, for example on Mosman Council’s parking policies.

Thank You

MHS has a highly engaged and active parent body and it is the strong partnership between parents and the School that is a key factor in the success of Mosman High.

Thank-you to all parents, but in particular, thanks to the 2014 PIN Coordinators: Karen Kirkham, Maggie Sheppard, Michele Newman, Sara Wilke, Louisa Long and Maree Mumford, and to Head PINs Karen Kirkham and Louisa Long. Thank you also to the P&C Executive – Vice Presidents Tony Gray and Celia Harper, Treasurer Ian Bollen, and Secretary Amy Rocavert and to the P&C committee chairs: Susie Ashton Davies, Ruth Marshall and Kyla Janakis, Debbie Lotz and Jane Dampney, Evan Predavec and Ian Davies, Phillipa Tayler, Jane Harlen and Jane Taylor and Isabel Dreyer.

The P&C Executive and its parent network and sub committees work closely with the School and its staff. Our heartfelt thanks to Susan Wyatt and her team for making it all possible, and for providing such a high quality, nurturing education experience for our children. Much was achieved in 2014, and we look forward to another successful year ahead.

Tina Jackson