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Information and links about developing and maintaining everyday wellbeing including adolescent development, relationships, resilience, healthy habits such as sleep, nutrition and meditation.

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Surviving Year 12

Advice for students and parents on studying for exams by Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

For those who were unable to make the presentation by respected adolescent psychologist Dr Michael Carr-Gregg at the Glen Street Theatre on ‘Surviving Year 12’; the Wellbeing Committee has produced some notes on his 20 pieces of advice for parents and students on surviving exams. You can read them here Surviving Year 12

Although they will be of most interest for students in Years 11 and 12, they also include some excellent research-evidenced advice that is equally applicable for students studying for exams in Years 7 to 10.

Michael said that the most important thing by far is getting enough sleep. REM sleep plays an important part in memory processing and the research shows that not getting enough sleep reduces the capacity to store and recall information which has been learnt. Interestingly, he also said that ten years ago he would not have suggested mindfulness meditation, but recent research has provided compelling evidence of the benefits. He suggests using the Smiling Mind  App which is free and developed specially for young people. See review below.

Older students might also find useful information on the Headspace website about surviving exams.

Healthy Technology Habits

MHS Presentation by Dr Andrew Campbell – Empowering Teenagers with Technology for Good Health – 24th July 2014

MHS Presentation by Dr Andrew Campbell – Social Networking – 13th Oct 2014

Useful resources

How to exercise while sitting at your computer

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Coperative Research Centre – Young and Well

Technology for Wellbeing (Campbell & Robards, 2013) 

Social Networking websites review

Stay Smart Online 

Australian Communications and Media Authority 

Office of the Australian Information Commissioner 

 Adolescent development

Ringleaders & Sidekicks

A book providing insight and understanding as to what boys face and how they view the world, as well as insight into communicating with them.

Book title: Ringleaders & Sidekicks

Author: Rosalind Wiseman

Publisher: Piatkus/Hachette UK; 2013

Why I, as a parent, liked it: “I’ve found this book really helpful to understanding what boys are up against, and how boys in general view the world as they grow up. It gives great insight into how to handle conversations with boys  – on all kinds of topics – without making them want to run away. Perhaps most of all, it’s eye opening for the insights provided by boys themselves – Wiseman has gathered illuminating quotes.”

Calming techniques

Smiling Mind

This is a website and free app which provide a program of age appropriate mindfulness meditations. Link

Areas of relevance: mediation, mindfulness, online program

Author: It’s a not for profit initiative.The Board of Smiling Mind includes Professor Frank Oberklaid OAM, the founding director of the Centre for Community Child Health at the Royal Children’s Hospital Melbourne, and leading child and adolescent psychologist, Dr Michael Carr-Gregg.

What it does: The website provides access to the program including a free app which can be downloaded. The mindfulness meditations are broken down into different age groups. There is general advice on mindfulness meditation and its benefits, as well tips for parents. The program is very flexible: young people can dip in and out or follow a scheduled program with reminders; there are short meditations or longer ones; and they can choose meditations with or without music.

Why I, as a parent, liked it: “It has been designed with young people in mind, allowing them to access it in different ways; they are in control rather than it being a prescriptive program. The short length of the meditations enhances appeal. Having the App for phones means it is portable and always on hand.”


Tedx Talkon preventing anxiety in children by Professor Jennie Hudson

Professor Jennie Hudson has spoken to parents at Mosman High School on ‘Understanding anxiety in our children and how parents can best help’.  In her Tedx Talk she covers similar themes…more

Areas of relevance: anxiety, resilience, depression, emotional health

Speaker: Professor Jennie Hudson is a researcher at the Centre for Emotional Health in the Department of Psychology, Macquarie University, Sydney, Australia.   Her research focuses on anxiety disorders in children and adolescents, specifically the role of parents in the development of anxiety disorders in youth. Her work also focuses on the prevention and treatment of children’s emotional health problems using cognitive behavioural therapy.

Prof. Hudson has co-authored a book ‘Treating anxious children: An evidence-based approach’ (2000) and edited a book “Psychopathology and the Family” (2006).   In recognition of her achievements, Prof. Hudson has received awards from a number of organisations including Australian Psychological Society, Anxiety Disorders Association of America, The Australian Association of Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and The Australian Institute of Political Sciences.

Why I, as a parent, liked it: “Jennie provides a simple conceptual framework for how parents can encourage children to be ‘courageous’; supporting them in becoming resilient and helping prevent anxiety and depression.  I like her practical and accessible style while being reassured that her approach is informed by excellent research. She also displays an empathy with the dilemmas parents face.”


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